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Well, this was... A really weird, but insightful and entertaining video, dude!
The animation and music are top notch, not a question there! But, the third eye stuff... Does it mean something? Is there an explanation you would like to give us?
... Or was it just random nonsense you decided to put there cause this is Newgrounds and you wanted it to be random and twisty? :)
Whatever the case - this is amazing, and keep up the great work! ;)

spacefader responds:

Ah, I just made it up as I animated.

Me again... Meg is from Suikoden, holy shit!... I feel like a stalker, here...

Was the banjo music from Suikoden?... I almost fainted... This is awesome, please, make more!

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I love these games of yours!
So many years later I just realized Fletcher Reede! :D

PuffballsUnited responds:

All those names are things!


This is what made me play the original Portal 2-3 years ago!
Although the buttons are kinda glitchy from time to time, I still love it! Have passed numerous times in my life...
Passed the map pack for the original 3D game two or three times. Lovin' it!
Keep up the great work, Stuff-Creators!


It took two hard tries, but I did it. :)
I don't usually like vertical shooters, but this one was with a difference. Very nice, keep it up!

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I can definitely hear this was made to be a string piece! :)
The piano version definitely has its charm, but being so quantized, it really can get old fast... :/
I would love to hear somebody actually play this on a real piano, though! It would sound damn bitchin'!
Either way, it has a good arrangement! Do you have experience in composing/playing classical music?

Very cool! I can definitely hear you've spent the most time making this one. :)
Best of luck with making that game of yours, man!

DreyLand responds:

Oh ! Thank you very much !! That really give me hope to create DreyLand ! :D

Very nice! I'm really digging this one from your collection. Especially like the 6/4 intro. :D
I know the feeling of composing with the image of the game you're making it for already in your head, that's exactly the way I compose video gamey songs.
Keep it up, man!

DreyLand responds:

Yes ! I'm glad you understand my work and like it ! ^^
Thank you very much !! :)

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At least nobody can say he's a SQUARE!
...Ha-Ha! I'm so witty!!

Rozner responds:

you can call the base of the shape a square though


I can actually imagine Jesus just giving the thumbs up while drinking a beer.


His face is priceless! Hahahahah!

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